Quantum-noun. Required or desired amount. Something that can be counted or measured.


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Company Review

Quantum Shipping Services Ltd provides trained personnel to visit and evaluate the activities of a ship owning office. The due diligence activity involves an overview of commercial and technical activities with particular attention to the trading of a fleet of vessels; to the preparation of accounts and to the management of trading risk. Particular attention is paid to how trade creditors and debtors are handled.

A typical due diligence overview can be of value to

- a potential investor wishing to evaluate a new project

- a potential lender wishing to evaluate a new loan

- a credit officer wishing to assess a ship-owning company for restructuring purposes

- a ship owner wishing to attract new investment


A Quantum review would usually take no more than 3 days in an Owner's offices with a further 2 to 5 days of report preparation. It would be conducted with minimum disruption for the owner. The fleet would be analysed and past performance and future expectations evaluated.

Quantum also undertakes project reviews without visit to the ship owner’s offices on historical trading records only. This is of considerable value in most cases but lacks the detail which can only be obtained in a site visit.


Vessel Review

As part of a due diligence process it is always recommended that vessels which form part of a fleet expansion or part of a loan portfolio should be regularly inspected. Such inspections can be arranged by Quantum as part of the due diligence service. Quantum would act as liaison between the ship owner, the vessel, the inspector and the client to ensure that the inspection takes place quickly and efficiently to provide maximum input for the evaluating process.